A Guide to Working in the UK’s Mega Cities

A guide to working in the UK's mega cities

If you’re looking to change where you live or take on a new work opportunity, the UK is filled with many great mega cities that can provide fresh opportunities and an exciting lifestyle. The UK consists of many major cities, each with their own perks and challenges, and within these cities, there are many job opportunities. Examples of such cities include Manchester, London, Liverpool, Leeds, and Edinburgh.

Along with the great work opportunities within these cities, they are also fantastic places to live. Edinburgh, for example, has over 500 cafes and double as many pubs.  These five UK cities are some of the most visited places within the UK because they are filled with many exciting attractions, history, and entertainment options.

This makes living in these mega cities highly appealing but moving and working there can be an overwhelming experience. Cities are large in area and densely populated. The tips below will hopefully help you to achieve an easy transition into city life. 

Research the City’s Districts

Along with finding the perfect job, you want to also make sure that you are searching for jobs/office spaces in an area you like and one that can easily be accessed. Every city is divided up into various sectors or districts, so it is beneficial to find a workplace within your field’s sector. For example, if you are looking to rent offices for your London business, or you work in the financial or fintech industries, it will be beneficial to be in Canary Wharf.  This will be highly beneficial for networking and will make sourcing staff and equipment easier.

Visit The City

As with any relocation, visiting a place before committing to it is a valuable step. If you can visit the city you are hoping to work in you will get a strong sense of what your life will be like there. Visiting a place before making the big move can help put your mind to ease and provide you with important information. Every city has its own pace and culture and it is important to know whether or not it suits you and your lifestyle.

Countries always have regional differences, and although the UK is relatively small there are vast variations between all its cities and towns. Liverpool, for example, has been voted the UK’s friendliest city and Edinburgh is known for its lively art and entertainment. Knowing what a city is like and what you want from your life there will help make choosing and transitioning to a new city easier.

Create a Budget

Although city jobs often come with higher paychecks, city life can also be very expensive. The higher costs in a city and its constant temptation to spend money is something which should be carefully considered. For example, in London, the average monthly transportation to work costs workers £130 a month. In London, you will also be surrounded by 3,232 coffee shops, 4,684 bars, and endless shopping opportunities. 

Due to the high demand in cities and the high number of tourists, everything generally costs more there. This includes rent, transportation, and regular items at shops. If you are going to be living and working in a UK mega city it is a good idea to make a detailed and well-researched budget for yourself to make sure you will be able to afford the city’s lifestyle. By doing this you will become acquainted with the costs involved in living in the city and how this will impact your daily life.

Get Connected

A major perk of working in city is the ease at which you can find connections. UK mega cities are filled with networking events, professional organisations, and developmental centers where you can network with like-minded people.  Cities have a larger population density and are very culturally diverse. This means it will be easier to find people to connect with and to learn from.

It is also beneficial to feel connected to the city itself and your local area within it. All of the UK’s mega cities are well covered by public transportation. Exploring your area and familiarising yourself with the city’s layout and public transportation options and schedules will help you to feel less overwhelmed in your new space.

Working in a UK mega city offers excitement and opportunity but it can be a difficult transition for some. We hope the above information will help you to make an informed decision and feel prepared for city life in the UK!

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