Be a Corporate Volunteer for a day – by Calista Greaves

Working as a part of HR, I am always promoting the benefits package we offer to our employees and with me being an advocate of the corporate social responsibility for Jobwise, I am passionate about the work we do and how we can give back to the community.   One benefit in particular we offer that I absolutely love is the ‘be a corporate volunteer for a day’ which encourages all Jobwise employees to spend a day out of work at local charity of our choice.

One benefit in particular we offer that I absolutely love is the ‘be a corporate volunteer for a day’

So to encourage this opportunity within the company and help in celebrating National Volunteering Week this year, I chose to spend my corporate charity day at Bolton Hospice.

‘Bolton Hospice is an independent charity mainly funded by the people of Bolton as they need to raise £4 million a year.  They care for patients throughout their illness, helping to improve their wellbeing and quality of life also providing compassionate, dedicated and dignified care for patients at the end of their life’.

Working full time especially in a hectic recruitment environment can be challenging to find the time to volunteer. So having the opportunity to take part in working a day at the local hospice thanks to my workplace was one not to be missed!

Calista recently had a volunteer day at Bolton Hospice

On the morning, I felt a little nervous thinking this must be how our candidates feel when they start a Jobwise temporary assignment!  I was shown around and introduced to all the other volunteers as they explained their different roles in the organisation. 

I met with the Volunteer Coordinator (who I had met previously to discuss the details) and was immediately put at ease and made to feel very welcome.  Everyone there was very accommodating, approachable and they made the time to get to know about me and my interests. 

They definitely kept me busy!

Whilst there, I supported the fundraising / events team and shops department.  Some of the tasks I got involved with were creating spreadsheets, counting and processing the shop banking, stuffing envelopes for their Midnight Walk event, updating documents for furniture collections, data inputting and helping then move onto a new gift aid system. They definitely kept me busy!

I spent my lunch break with members of the volunteering team who were really engaging to speak with.  I was inspired by how positive and motivated everyone was in what many would think would be a negative environment.

It was fantastic to understand what the organisation is about and meet the teams – in fact I have been asked to go back and help volunteer at their weekend events which I promised I would. 

This excellent opportunity allowed me to gain an insight for a worthy cause, not only build my confidence but knowing I was helping those who need it the most is highly rewarding and definitely a change from my usual Jobwise working day – I was even given a free lunch!

Since my volunteering day a couple of colleagues have also taken advantage of the opportunity in making a positive impact in the community.

Volunteering does not only help others but it can help you to learn new skills, meet new people and improve your health and wellbeing therefore I really encourage more people to get involved with volunteer opportunities that are available to them.  I also hope other companies see the value of this employee benefit, no matter what level you work it is a brilliant opportunity for everyone to get involved and play their part in the community!

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