Hearts, minds and souls – using business culture to attract talent

20th September 2019

It goes without saying that you want to have the right people in your workforce. Reliable, loyal teams with the right set of skills will increase your productivity and ensure a low employee churn. However...

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Why not temp if you are immediately available? By Gemma Chapman

19th September 2019

Working in recruitment I often speak to candidates who are immediately available and looking to secure permanent employment. However when I mention temporary work there seems to be a lack of interest. Why not temp ...

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3 Essentials You Need To Become A Bid Writer

10th September 2019

Whether you want to write bids internally for an organisation or join a bid writing agency, there are certain attributes you need to become a bid writer. Bid Writing is a career that attracts...

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Gamification and recruitment – Can we really learn anything from Mario?

28th August 2019

When you have been in recruitment for as long as we have, you tend to develop a little bit of, well, perhaps suspicion is too strong a word, so let’s say wariness of the current...

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Is a digital detox good for your productivity?

22nd August 2019

I can forgive you for reading this article on your phone, but hand on heart, are you addicted to your phone? Does the idea of being apart from it make you break out in a...

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How To Create A Green Workplace

16th August 2019

Adopting sustainable practices in the workplace will help you create a company that employees are proud to work for and customers are proud to support. Going green should also reduce your carbon footprint, create a...

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The Importance Of Soft Skills In Business

2nd August 2019

The modern business world is constantly evolving and highly competitive. For that reason, if you want to be successful in business, then it is vital that you find ways to stand out from your peers...

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To train or not to train? Does investing in staff training actually have a benefit?

23rd July 2019

One of the first things every business owner, department manager or anyone who is responsible for any investment will ask themselves is ‘will this spend be worth the investment’? This is a perfectly reasonable approach....

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