How to make your Linkedin Profile the best it can be

Optimising your Linkedin profile could be the difference in helping you to progress your career, or even just increase your visibility in your current role, making you stand out in your existing field. With a few straight forward tweaks, you could easily increase the amount of people who notice you through Linkedin, therefore leading to an increase in connections and/or interactions, as your profile grows and visibility increases.

Have a professional profile picture

It’s a simple thing but something that can make or break your Linkedin profile. First impressions count. Having a profile picture that looks professional is imperative to simply get people to visit your profile and look further. Similar to face to face interactions, people’s minds will be made up about you in those first few sections of looking at your profile picture. Make those seconds count.

Don’t have pictures of you on nights out, and don’t use Snapchat filters either if you want to be taken seriously.

Have your contact details (mobile number/email address etc visible)

Further down on your Linkedin profile are your contact details which can be visible to everyone if you choose them to be. It is your decision what you include here. If you are looking for a role, than your standard email address will suffice along with your mobile number, to ensure that recruiters can get in touch with you easily, therefore ensuring you don’t miss out on any new opportunities.

Although if you are looking to use your Linkedin profile on a more work related basis to build connections, it is best practice to have your work email and phone number only on your profile. If you don’t do this then there’s a strong possibility you will have people and companies making unwanted calls to your personal number. If you don’t want this to happen then make sure it’s not visible!


It is essential that go through your newsfeed on a daily basis once a day for 5/10 minutes, and like/interact with posts to take part in the Linkedin community. The more you do, the bigger your exposure to the larger Linkedin audience. There are even new reactions now on Linkedin, a bit similar to Facebook actually, which you can use to react to posts. Make sure you use them!

Check pending messages and connection requests

It’s essential that you keep on top of your pending messages and connection requests on Linkedin. It would be easy to forget about these and let them build up, but if you don’t check your messages, there is a good chance that you could miss out on something important, although the likelihood is that you will get a large amount of spam. But beware, there could be some gems in there!

The second thing is making sure you go through connection requests and action these accordingly. You will get a lot of random requests from people you don’t know, but there are also going to be times when people connect who have met you before, or could be extremely valuable to have as a connection. Therefore the last thing you want to do is leaving a connection pending, as there could be the possibility of upsetting/offending someone for not accepting without even realising it.

But in summary, the more you put into Linkedin, the more you get back, so it is always worth taking a bit of time to make sure your profile is set up to get the best you can from it. Here at Jobwise we can provide some advice when it comes to Linkedin, career advice, and we even have a free CV builder on our site where you can build a CV from scratch step by step! If you are looking for that dream role then please get in touch today.

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