Is a digital detox good for your productivity?

A digital detox could be good for your productivity - are you looking for jobs in liverpool?

I can forgive you for reading this article on your phone, but hand on heart, are you addicted to your phone? Does the idea of being apart from it make you break out in a cold sweat? If the answer to the above is yes, it could be time for a digital detox.

The world today is extremely fast paced, and we have never had more information available at our finger tips. Instant communication apps have led the majority of us to feel constantly ‘plugged in’, and it is extremely difficult to switch off from this constant barrage of information and communication.

This leads me to believe that the majority of us are in need of a digital detox. One idea is to implement this when you’re on holiday. You are on holiday after all and downtime is essential for all of us to ensure we are firing on all cylinders upon our return.

The feeling of being completely ‘off the grid’ is liberating

Personally, when I go on holiday, my phone goes with me but as soon as I board that plane it goes onto airplane mode, and stays that way for the entirety of my holiday. I will use it as a camera but that is it, I resist any little temptation to access social media/emails etc. The feeling of being completely ‘off the grid’ is liberating and I would recommend anyone to try it. You really feel the benefit upon your re – immersion the digital world, ready for bombardment once again.

Whilst actually in work, a digital detox itself could also prove beneficial when it comes to your productivity. Take your emails as an example. A lot of people in the office will have notifications switched on, meaning that when a new email comes in, a little alert pops up on your screen. This is extremely dangerous, and almost as tempting to click on as the little red notification icon on Facebook. It’s basically office click bait. Turn them off immediately.

All signs point to a digital detox being fantastic for your productivity

So many people struggle with emails and fall into the trap of reacting to them for the majority of their day. Therefore important tasks fall by the wayside as emails take over. A way I try to deal with this is by having two windows when I deal with emails. First thing in the morning and then just after dinner. But it is a daily struggle, and a constant battle of my will, resisting the urge to click on that Microsoft Outlook shortcut.

All signs point to a digital detox being fantastic for your productivity. So a few simple steps introduced gradually to avoid going cold turkey, could lead to a dramatic increase in how much you get done with your day.

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