The Human element is essential in the hiring process

The human element is essential in the hiring process

Could you imagine a future where the recruitment process was done entirely without any real face to face human interaction? You could see a job you are interested in, apply for it, then if selected hold an interview over Skype, awaiting a decision to see if you have been successful.

Doesn’t that seem a little cold?

A recent survey conducted by executive search company Korn Ferry found that 90% of candidates and 80% of recruiters say that it’s essential that both parties build up a rapport for the relationship to be fruitful.

This, according to the report, is because of the human interaction element of the process. Respondents confirmed that speaking face to face with a recruiter not only builds trust but raises the recruiter’s credibility in the eyes of the candidate.

But it’s not all good news for recruiters

But it’s not all good news for recruiters. More than half of those who answered the survey commented that the top way such relationships often break down is through the act of ‘ghosting’ in which a recruiter simply stops responding. We don’t work like that here at Jobwise.

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Now I myself have been a victim of this in the past when looking for a role, and I know first hand from working in the Jobwise branches that ghosting is not something that comes purely from the recruiter side. I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard in the office about a great candidate being lined up for roles, and suddenly ‘dropping off the face of the earth’. The reasons for this could be numerous, but if the candidates are kept engaged as much as possible, this should help to alleviate the issue as much as possible.

We meet with all of our candidates prior to putting them forward for work

Here at Jobwise, we meet with all of our candidates prior to putting them forward for work. We do this in all our offices across the North West, and even off site when needed. We do this from both a legal point of view, where we obtain all their identification and check their rights to work, but we also do it from the other side.

By interviewing every candidate we put forward, we get an insight into their personalities and can sometimes deduce quite quickly what kind of roles they would be ideal for. This insight allows us to match roles quickly with the perfect candidates, therefore making for a much smoother and quicker recruitment process.

The human element will always have a place in recruitment

The human element will always have a place in recruitment, although it’s essential that this is utilised in the right way, and getting to know the candidates right from the start is a great way to do that.

Here at Jobwise, we don’t just help candidates and clients find their dream role or candidate. We also provide career advice, along with such services as helping to write your CV. In fact, we also have a CV builder built into our website; why not give it a go!

Interview preparation is also something we carry out with candidates prior to interviews if they so require it. At Jobwise we call them ‘Magic Wands’ for the reason that once a candidate has had one, they are magically more confident and ready to do well in the interview.  

Check out our website today for our most up to date roles, and to see how our process works if you are looking for help in finding a dream candidate!

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