Top Tips to make your CV stand out


When you’re on the job hunt, it’s imperative that your CV is at its optimum. As this will be one of your main weapons to snare the job that’s perfect for you. There are a variety of tips to enable that your CV is the best it can possibly be.

Keep it Sharp

As a general rule, a CV should be no longer than two A4 pages long. Anything over this will seem a bit excessive. And Employers spend, on average, just eight seconds looking at any one CV. So just like a face to face interview, first impressions count. This only goes to highlight the fact your CV is essentially an extension of yourself. It is a way of getting yourself in front of employers without being physically present. Make it count.

Tailor your CV

When bulk applying for roles like we all have before, it is so easy to simply send the same CV over and over again. But if you take the time to tailor your CV to individual roles, you will eventually reap the rewards.  Research the company and use the job advert to work out specifically what skills you should point out to them. This helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t leave gaps

We are a cynical bunch, and leaving obvious gaps on your CV will immediately make employers suspicious, picturing a range of negative scenarios. If you’ve been out of work it can be a worry but just put a positive spin on it, and above all be honest. If you you’re not truthful and this is uncovered further down the line, there will be no turning back and this will massively impact your job prospects.

Grammar is King

Bad grammar on a CV stands out a mile, so it is essential there are no mistakes on your CV. The likelihood is for every job you go for, there are going to be a lot of good candidates. Don’t give employers or recruiters an excuse to be taken off a shortlist for the sake of a spelling mistake. Some employers will look for mistakes on your CV as an almost guilty pleasure.

To avoid this occurring, spellcheck is your friend

To avoid this occurring, spellcheck is your friend, but beware that this is not always the answer due to American spellings and multiple spellings for the same words. Therefore getting a fresh pair of eyes to read over your CV is advisable. Have you ever re – read something before and not noticed a mistake, and then someone reads it for the first time and spots a mistake straight away? It’s happened to me!

If you follow these rules you are well on your way to creating a CV which will help you stand out when going for that dream role. Here at Jobwise we have a free CV builder on our website which will help you build the base of a CV and then you can develop it from there, and we can help!

For CV advice and for help in looking for that dream job – get in touch with us today!

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