Why a positive attitude in the workplace is important – By Kiran Raza

A positive attitude in the workplace is important

Is being negative in a workplace good, or bad?

Being positive or negative at work has an impact on your team and the business. Having a positive mind set when you’re at work will drive you to become successful. Now is the time to reflect on your attitude in the work environment. It’s a good idea to get together as a team every morning to discuss your goals and how you all aim to achieve them. Your attitude is a form of expressing yourself and a positive attitude will help you cope better within the workplace.

Being negative can have a bigger impact than you think

Being negative within the workplace can have an effect on every person in the organisation. This can sometimes create an atmosphere in the team that may stop people from achieving their best. There are many benefits to being positive in work as this will help you to achieve goals, success in your career and this improves motivation both for yourself and for others.

Starting the day off by being positive can often lead to you having a good day. No matter what the situation is you will always think of a way to solve the problem. I work in recruitment where it is very important to have a positive mind set.  When the team attitude improves so does the potential within the team and when there is a negative atmosphere it can adversely affect the whole team.

To stay positive, use positive language

Never criticise anyone when giving feedback. If you were to give feedback for whatever the reason, it’s best not to be negative as this can leave people feeling down and demotivated. In recruitment you have bad days as well as good days, it’s natural; everyone has them, however it’s about overcoming them and not letting them effect you.

I myself have been negative at times in the past and found it doesn’t help anyone. It’s about adapting when you are in a negative mood. You need to get up and do something about it as this will affect the way your day unfolds. For example this can lead to all sorts of things such as poor customer engagement when talking to clients, always thinking the worst will happen, reduced energy levels and an unwillingness to try new things.

So here is a tip or two of how to create a positive attitude when there is a negative atmosphere: take time to celebrate successes, share the credit when things go well and express appreciation for a job well done. 

To summarise, if there are negative people around you, you need to ensure they don’t affect you and bring you down. It’s important to have a positive and helpful attitude at work if you want to be successful in whatever you do!

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